Olivia has been working to help students of all ages achieve their full potential, often far exceeding their expected grades. Students can expect to have their education supported in a safe and positive environment

How we started

Founded by Olivia Johnson in 2007, OJ Tuition started as a simple home tuition service fuelled by a passion for educational excellence. Olivia, an expert in multi-sensory learning and a qualified SENCO, found that students responded to more than just traditional learning styles.

Over the next few years, she developed her approach to learning that would lead many of her students to academic success and further education - many achieving grades beyond their expectations.

Today that home tutor service has evolved into an entire method of teaching, and continues to lead children of all ages to reach their full potential.

Why home tuition?

The first big benefit of tuition, as with most things in life, is preparation. Everyone, children and adults alike, have strengths and weaknesses. Your child could go to an excellent school, be an impeccable student who excels in all subjects and still finds that he/she struggles in certain areas. It could be a specific subject, a challenge with aspects of his/her education (such as how he/she responds to teaching methods) or even the pressure to succeed. Home tuition allows the child to address the problems at hand and deal with them in a safe and supportive environment, laying the foundation for academic success.

The second is focus. Focus isn’t the easiest thing to achieve in a classroom full of 30 children. A student can easily be distracted by his peers, and teachers, unfortunately, can sometimes find it difficult to give everyone the time they need. The added focus one-one lessons provide are substantial, and OJ Tuition’s group lessons never contain more than 10 students at a time.

The third is feedback. Olivia keeps records of and individual’s progress on a lesson by lesson basis, providing feedback of progress made.

With OJ Tuition you have access to a wide range of resources and a tailored service, we believe in the following:

  • - To ensure that each individual child is valued equally
  • - To enable all students to have a fun, safe and supportive learning environment
  • - To assess and focus on every child's specific educational needs
  • - To provide regular and constructive feedback whilst setting achievable targets
  • - To encourage students to achieve beyond their expectations
  • - To advise and liaise with parents continually on student progress
  • - To fully equip our students for the future ahead