Olivia has worked across all academic settings. She is a fully qualified teacher with the following qualifications: PGCE in English and History, Teaching English as a Second Language and a Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties – Dyslexia. She is fully DBS checked

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Key Stages 1-2





Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning

Whether you require KS1 or A-Level tuition, our approach to tuition is the same throughout. Lessons follow the national curriculum and are aided by approved educational material. Once it's been determined which learning style suits the student best, Olivia aims to quickly ascertain strengths and weaknesses and work with students to develop a scheme of work that seeks to challenge them, while complimenting their mainstream education

Mounting pressure on students to perform is a real concern, and students are encouraged to discuss their anxieties surrounding their education. Olivia believes first and foremost that support, not pressure, is key to success in academia. Learning shouldn’t be a struggle!

What are learning styles?

A persons learning style, simply put, is an individual’s preferred way of absorbing, processing and retaining new information

A school of thought among the educational field since the mid 1970’s, practitioners of the multisensory method adapt their lessons to maximize the student’s attention and retention of educational material. When taking advantage of the learning style most appealing to a student, a marked increase in performance and focus can be seen. There are seven identified learning styles:

People can have one or several preferred learning styles and it often changes as we grow and develop throughout our lives. Learning to recognise how best to absorb new information can prepare us at all stages of learning, after all, learning should first and foremost be an appealing endeavour!

As part of our initial assessment, OJ Tutors aim to understand your child’s learning style and tailor their lessons to accommodate it

Whether at the beginning of the school year, weeks before an exam or during the summer holidays, theres never a bad time to encourage your child with some extra educational support.

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